Black Orchard


New for 2022!

Just when you thought you escaped the asylum, you are now faced with many difficult decisions. Left? Right? Wrong way?!? Will you be able to escape the maze of “INSANITY” or will you be stuck forever…joining those who have been trapped for an eternity!

Nixon Asylum
Nixon Asylum

The Asylum has long been closed, but emergency services received a phone call with no one on the other end. When deputy Alan arrives on the scene, the front door is open and the power is surging through the building. Something is not right. An evil lurks inside but they had no idea it was this sinister. There is no escape.


The clowns inside MAYHEM have rebelled against the carnival and you are stuck with a front row seat. There is no smiling, red nose, oversized shoe wearing juggling act in this MAYHEM. Prepare to be disoriented and second guessing your every turn. 

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